Organized by retired Pastor J. A. Leland on February 1, 1942 with 15 members the Clearlake Seventh-day Adventist Church began  in a rented Methodist Church located at 14521 Pearl Avenue, in Clearlake, CA.  It was accepted into the Northern California Conference sisterhood of churches in the spring of 1944 by a letter of request sent by Cora M. Flynn dated March 12, 1944. 

The Church 1953.-- A. Altic.
The Church 1953.-- A. Altic.

In the fall of 1943 the Landstrom family started a church school in their home. Mrs. Cornelia Landstrom was the teacher and Betty Landstrom was one of the two students in this new school.  As the school grew, 4 ½ acres was purchased on Davis Street and a two-room school was built in 1971.

As the church grew  Head Elder Wesley Landstrom led the church in purchasing property on the corner of Uhl and Oakland Streets, and the present church building was completed with the help of Pacific Union College students who came on Sundays to work, in the spring of 1954.  

On December 15, 1988 a fire destroyed the old church building which at the time was being utilized for Community services. It consisted of a structure of about 650 square feet and was in fair condition prior to the loss. 

Church in 1958.
Church in 1958.

“The building which was destroyed was a historic building that was moved from a local Indian tribe years ago. It was built sometime around the 1910 period. It is a wood frame on a continuous concrete perimeter foundation. It has a composition shingle roof, cottage redwood siding, and plywood interior walls. It’s electrical system has been brought up to code in recent years. The interior of the structure had four distinct rooms; the largest of the rooms being 18 x 23 ft.” --Letter dated December 29 1988 by Barney Rinaldi, Adjuster, Harta & Company Insurance Adjusters.

The church shortened its name when Clearlake renamed the city dropping the “Highlands.” In 1993 Pastor John McIntosh lead out in the construction of a new sanctuary which was paid and dedicated on April 20, 1996. The dedicatory sermon was given by Elder Ricardo Graham, the Litany of Dedication by Pastor John McIntosh, Dedicatory Prayer by Pastor George Hilton, mission emphasis and prayer by Pastor Paul Emerson, and Scripture by Pastor Wendell Wilcox. The Lower Lake Community United Methodist Church Choir joined the Clearlake Chorale with Keith Cordis Soloist in musical selections. The church history was read by Arlene Altic and Barbara Dryden.

Dedication Bulletin of April 20, 1996

Clearlake Church 1987
Clearlake Church 1987
Clearlake Church 1992
Clearlake Church 1992




Pastors of the Clearlake Church

 J. A. Leland 


 Fred Fowler           


 Claude Hall


 H. M. Blunden


 Frank Steunenberg


 Roger West


 Ralph T. Carter 


 Harold L. Flory


      Marvin Wray-Student Pastor

 Sept. 1972- June 1973

 H. Eugene Miller  


 Bruce Nicola   


 Steve Chavez


 Paul Emerson


    Rob Kearby, Student Pastor 1985-87

 Ernest Lutz  


 Wendell Wilcox


 John McIntosh


 George Hilton


 Ryan Van Hook

 July 2003-July 2008

 Ted Calkins

 June 2009-Present

      "Alex" Gresford Thomas

2011-13 Extern



Clearlake Church 2015. -T. Calkins
Clearlake Church 2015. -T. Calkins


Church in 2001. -T. Calkins
Church in 2001. -T. Calkins